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"No one has a more qualified network or does Voice of the Customer calls better. No one."

-CMO, Leading Tech Firm

Trusted Voice of the Customer Calls for Research, Leads & Messaging

Clients who've trusted us...

To deliver the best VoC results.

In a remote world, you need a trusted introduction...

  • 90% of customers buy based on TRUST
  • 84% will buy from TRUSTED sales reps
  • 79% of buyers want TRUSTED advisors but only...
  • 19% of customers TRUST salespersons

25K+ decision makers trust us to make introductions to your team. Calls typically result in...

  • 100% = Valuable Marketing Research
  • 90% = Messaging Adjustment Insights
  • 67% = Marketing Qualified Leads
  • 33% = Sales Qualified Leads

Step 1: Targeting

We help you target the right prospects from our 25K+ network of decision-makers to ensure the best results.

Step 2: VoC Calls

We schedule calls, train your teams, and use advanced neurolinguistics and a trusted approach to gain deep insights.

Step 3: Market Research

100% of our VoC calls deliver excellent customer research data to help you make adjustments to solutions, messaging & selling.

Step 4: Lead Generation

We use proven techniques to turn ~67% of our VoC calls into MQLs and ~33% into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) for your sales team.

"From 101 calls we gained excellent research info, but also 86 MQLs and 23 SQLs. It was a huge success!" -Marketing Director, Leading Tech Firm

Step 5: Detailed Reporting

We analyze every call and uncover additional market research to create a detailed report with recommended actions.

Step 6 BONUS: Messaging

As an award-winning leader in B2B neuromarketing, we use VoC input to recommend messaging adjustments for 3X higher results.

A small sampling of prospects who trust us and have talked with our clients..

What's our Secret Sauce?

Most sales experts know this secret: Building customer trust is the most important ingredient in gaining access.

Most neuroscientists know this secret: Building trust requires increasing brain oxytocin. There are 101 ways to do this, we're experts in all of them, and we have a PhD neuroscientist on our team.

We also have certified ABM, sales enablement, and LinkedIn Social Selling experts and can offer advanced training for your sales & marketing teams...

  • LinkedIn Advanced Social Selling Training
  • 375% LinkedIn Connect Rate Increase
  • 212% Higher Lead Conversion Rates
  • 30% More Qualified Pipeline
  • 24% Faster Sales Cycles

Want to accelerate your sales or marketing career? We offer...

  • Dozens of accredited professional web courses
  • Educational credits (CEU, HRCI, PDU, SHRM)
  • Sales, marketing, management & WFH courses
  • Fast, engaging, entertaining & informative
  • Career, resume & skill set enhancement

Which VoC Plan is Best for You?

Guaranteed Results, Pay on Performance


  • 6 VoC Calls with Small to Med Businesses
  • 4 MQLs
  • 2 SQLs
  • Detailed Report
  • Recommended Actions
  • Only $5K


  • 12 VoC Calls with Small to Med Enterprises
  • 8 MQLs
  • 4 SQLs
  • Detailed Report
  • Recommended Actions
  • BONUS: Neuromarketing Messaging Analysis
  • Only $12K


  • 24 VoC Calls with Large Enterprises
  • 16 MQLs
  • 8 SQLs
  • Detailed Report
  • Recommended Actions
  • BONUS: Neuromarketing Messaging Analysis
  • BONUS: LinkedIn Social Selling Training
  • Only $25K

Trusted Voice of the Customer Calls for Research, Leads & Messaging

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TRUST86 is a certified veteran-owned business. We donate a portion of our proceeds to non-profits that assist veterans and their families.

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